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Web content FriendlyURL in the web content edition page does not link to the content



      • Have a site with some languages enabled
      • Ensure locale.prepend.friendly.url.style property is set to 1 or 3
      • As admin, create a basic web content from the "Content & Data" section of the site. Add title and content.
      • Select the Spanish language and fill in "Título" and "Contenido". (please make sure you use tilde to write the title. Do not input "titulo" but "título"). Publish the content.
      •  Checkpoint: Ensure current URL has /en prepended to the path. If not, add it manually and reload the web content list page.
      • Edit the web content
      • Click on the Spanish flag
      • Go to the side panel and expand "Friendly URL" section

       Observed: the URL looks like http://localhost:8080/en/web/guest/-/título. Please note that url contains 2 indicators for different languages (the /en for English, and the translated friendlyURL in Spanish). If one uses that URL, the content is not served in Spanish (see LPS-92643)
       Expected: the URL should be consistent in terms of languages, being either http://localhost:8080/es/web/guest/-/título or just http://localhost:8080/web/guest/-/título, depending on value of property locale.prepend.friendly.url.style

      This behavior may be not considered a bug if http://localhost:8080/en/web/guest/-/título serves a page in Spanish, but LPS-92643 reports that's not the case.

      Tested in master at 87c8154e83aa3c592075a9483a59d1addaee5e3f


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