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Asset publisher is displaying expired web content at display page



      This issue happens with Liferay 6.2 EE fixpack 160

      Asset publisher is displaying content at web content display page, even it is expired and web content scheduler has not run yet.

      Use case:

      Set portal.property ( so it's scheduler won't run).


      It needs to be high.

      Create a new site.

      Create two pages named as "Home" and "Web Display".

      At "Home" page add Asset publisher and configure it following:

      • At the "Asset Selection" tab
        • Make sure that it is "Dynamic"
        • Asset type "Web Content Article" -> "Any"
      • At the "Display settings" tab
        • Display Template "Title list"
        • Asset Link Behavior "View in Context"

      At "Web Display" page add Asset publisher and configure it following way:

      • At the "Asset Selection" tab
        • Make sure that it is "Manual"
      • At the "Display settings" tab
        • Check " Set as the Default Asset Publisher for This Page"

      Create web content and set display page to be "Web Display" and set expiry time a few minutes in the future and publish.

      Make sure that you see the Web content at "home" page and when you click it it will display it at "Web Display" page. Remember the link showing web content article at display page.

      NOTE: Tested this also with 7.2.x branch and there I did not see the issue

      To add extra here. Article is not disappearing from search either.




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