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OOTB Image fragment does not add description to the generated <img> when mapped to a web content image field



      • Have a site with some locales enabled
      • Create a structure with a field of type image. Save it
      • Add a web content using that structure. Upload an image and add a description in the default language
      • Add a translation for the web content to es_ES, ensure you set a different description for that image.
      • Publish web content
      • Create a display page
      • Add a image component fragment to it, and map it to the image field of the structure you created before
      • Publish the display page and mark it as default
      • Add an asset publisher to the home page, ensure you can see the web content
      • Click on it
      • Checkpoint: you are taken to the display page and the image you uploaded is shown
      • Now inspect the image using the browser tools

       Observed: <img> tag does not include description attribute.

       Expected: <img> tag should include a description attribute, its value should be the description of the image in the language used to render the display page


      Note: this can be reproduced using content pages also, as long as the image fragment is mapped to the web content image field (not for other possible mappings)


      Tested in master at 5c27f0521d86f24bfa53a540d4f4665961c4187e




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