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There's no error alert when fail to add WC with required vocabulary



      CASE 1

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a new blank site.
      2. Navigate to Categories, try to add a vocabulary with following:
        • Choose 'Web Content Article' under Choose Asset Type.
        • Set 'Required' to Yes
      3. Navigate to Web Content, try to add a basic web content.
        • Type title and content, then click publish.

      Expected Result
      Fail to add web content with error message.

      Actual Result
      Fail to add web content without error message, and the new web content page is frozen.


      CASE 2

      Cannot publish a WC with a featured image from computer, only from URL. Publishing the WC causes the form to freeze and prevents the WC from being published

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a WC and publish it with a featured image from a file on your computer

      NOTE: The image file should have more than 100K

      Expected Result
      WC publishes

      Actual Result
      WC does not publish


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