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Usability issue when setting default values in web content structures


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      In the process of editing a web content structure, there are 2 facts that may confuse users when it comes to set localized default values for the structure fields:

      • Fields show the predefined value
      • Fields allow editing

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Have a site with some languages enabled
      • Create a web content structure.
      • Add 3 fields to it (date, text and color)
      • In the default language, visit the "Field settings" tab for the 3 fields and add default values for them
      •  Checkpoint 0: default values are displayed in the fields
      • Select a es_ES language for the structure
      •  Checkpoint 1: default values are again displayed in the fields
      •  Checkpoint 2: text and date fields are directly editable. Color is not

       Observed: user can edit and change the values of the fields. There is no visible effect of doing so. Particularly, default values are not changed.
       Expected: given that default values are displayed in the fields, and some fields are editable, it is an expectation that the changes in these fields are considered as updates to the default value of the field for that language.

      A proposed solution would be to review the reason why some fields are editable and, if there is none, make them read-only, and pre-populated with the default value if any, which is read from the field settings

      I'm reporting this as FP3 so I'd like to include Juan Anton to verify priority

      Reproduced in master at a0068e2babd049a05d0730f29229f5f6e99500dc



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