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hreflang variant <link> tags are removed from <head> in SPA scenario



      • Start portal 
      • Ensure your browser cache is clear
      • Access the default site without auntenticating
      •  Checkpoint 1: guest user views the Welcome page
      • Inspect the page (hit F12 to enable dev tools or just view page source)
      • Search for "hreflang" in the HTML
      •  Checkpoint 2: you find many ocurrences of that <link> attribute, one per enabled language. These links point to alternate variations of this page for diferent languages, and look like this <link data-senna-track="temporary" href="http://localhost:8080/hr" hreflang="hr-HR" rel="alternate" />
      • Click on "Welcome" page in the navigation menu. Note this triggers an SPA interaction
      • Inspect the page again

       Observed: hreflang links are gone

       Expected: links are kept and updated to the new page

      Additional tests:

      • Server is processing top_head.jsp and generating the response as in a regular (i.e. non-spa) request
      • The xhr request sent by browser receives a response which includes the hreflang links


      It looks like that some browser side processing related to SPA is crafting a new <head> section where these links are not being included.

      Tested in master at cc13adc1d8e74a1fd27947342fb047b1e87fc1f9




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