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Portlets that define window state support will not have a Maximized or Minimized states by default


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      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Deploy attached demo portlet to Liferay
      2. Add "Portlet Config Portlet" to a page
      3. View list of "Window States" in the portlet

      Expected Result:
      All default Portlet window states are present.

      Actual Result:
      The follow output is missing:

      MIME type: text/html, WindowState: maximized, Allowed: true
      MIME type: text/html, WindowState: minimized, Allowed: true

      The portlet.xml defines:


      While MAXIMIZED and MINIMIZED are not defined in the support list, they should still be available per the Portlet 3 specificiation 10.5:

      As all portlets must at least support the pre-defined window states NORMAL, MAXIMIZED,
      MINIMIZED, these window states do not have to be explicitly configured. 

      Liferay's implementation only adds NORMAL if the portlet defines its own states.

      Demo Portlet can be manually built by:

      1. git clone https://github.com/apache/portals-pluto
      2. cd portals-pluto/demo/v3-demo-portlet
      3. mvn -P all,liferay clean install
      4. cp target/*.war LIFERAY_HOME/deploy




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