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Unconfigured, non-instanceable portlets can be added to a page twice if it is embedded via Layout Template



      a) Description - If a page uses a layout template with an embedded, non-instanceable portlet, and said portlet is not configured, then the page layout editor (JS UI to add and remove on a page) will allow the user to add another instance of the portlet to the page.

      b) Steps to reproduce:
      1. Launch a clean 7.1 or master portal.
      2. Deploy the attached test-embedded-portlet-layouttpl-master.war.
      3. Go to the main site.
      4. Create a new Widget page.
      5. Configure the page to use the "TEPL Full Width Layout" Layout Template.
      *Notice the page now has the Search Portlet (id: com_liferay_portal_search_web_portlet_SearchPortlet) at the top, and is not movable or removable by the user.
      6. Click the plus in the top right corner to add a Portlet.
      7. Go to "Widgets > Tools > Search", and notice that you can add the portlet to the page. Click "Add" next to it.
      *There should now be 2 Search Portlets available


      Actual Results: Ability to add a second Search Portlet even though there is already a Search Portlet embedded in the Layout Template.

      Expected Results: Should not be able to add an additional Search Portlet

      d) Errors: None


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