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Search hits for web contents are not localized


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      • Have a site with some languages enabled. Browse it using en_US
      • Create a basic web content
      • Write "Alice" both in the title and content fields (you should be using en_US). Ensure FriendlyURL is /alice
      • Add a translation to Spanish (es_ES) and set "Bob" as title and as content. Ensure  FriendlyURL is /bob
      • Save the content
      • Visit the site using en_US
      • In the search bar, type for "Bob" and hit enter

       Observed: One hit is found. Title and content snippets are in en_US so no occurrence highlight takes place. There is no indication that match happened in other language. Clicking on the ocurrence, user is taken to the friendly url of the en_US version.

       Expected: it would be expected to have some indication that ocurrence was found in a different translation. User should be given the option to browse to that specific translation as well as the translation to the language user is browsing at that moment.

      Note: This may be intended as it's just the behavior one could expect when web content asset tags match with search terms. But in this case, what matches is a web content field which happens to be in some specific locale.

      Reproduced in master at d4eb200a5b5afc93b5e11f26e24936b1ac5bcbc7

      In case this is intended, please inform and I'll close as won't fix. Thank you




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