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Categories mapped to fragments render using the default locale even if translated



      • Have a site with some languages enabled
      • Create a category in the site default vocabulary, name them in English and ensure you provide name for it in Spanish
        • Note: you may need to change the language manually in the URL to do this
      • Create a display page template for basic web contents, add a 2 text fragments to it
      • Write "Categories" in the first text fragment. Change the language by clicking the language button near the display page title, then select Spanish (es_ES)
      • Write "Categorías" in the first text fragment.
      • Map the second fragment to the web content 'categories' field. 
      • Save the display page, mark it as default
      • Create a basic web content. Write a title. Translate it to Spanish (es_ES).
      • Ensure content has different friendlyURLs for es_ES and for en_US
      • Categorize the content with the category you've just created. Publish the content
      • Add an asset publisher to the welcome page
      •  Checkpoint 1: the welcome page shows the content, you are seeing the page in en_US
      • Click in the web content to navigate to the display page.
      •  Checkpoint 2: the display page shows the first fragment in English, and the category list is also shown in English, like this

      • Go back and add /es to the beginning of the URL so that you are now viewing the Welcome page in Spanish 
      • Click in the web content to navigate to the display page.
      •  Checkpoint 3: the display page utilizes the spanish friendly URL of the web content

       Expected: categories are shown in the target language

       Observed: categories are kept in english default language despite of existing proper translations

      Tested in master at d4eb200a5b5afc93b5e11f26e24936b1ac5bcbc7




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