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The default OOTB Organization Owner Role is unable to modify Administrator or Owner users in suborganizations



      Steps to reproduce

      1. Start up a Liferay DXP
      2. Go to Product Menu > Control Panel > Users and Organizations
      3. Create an organization (Parent) with a suborganization underneath it (Child)
      4. Create four new users (UserA, UserB, UserC, and UserD)
        1. UserA should be a member of Parent with the Organization Owner role
        2. UserB should be a member of Parent with the Organization Administrator role
        3. UserC should be a member of Child with the Organization Administrator role
        4. UserD should be a member of Child (no special role)
      5. Open up a new browser and sign in as UserA – the Organization Owner
      6. Go to Product Menu > My Account > My Organizations > Parent
      7. Notice the UI around UserB, and assert that UserA can edit/remove UserB 
      8. Go to ChildOrg, and notice the UI around UserC and UserD
      9. Assert that UserA cannot edit UserC (org admin) , but can edit UserD (normal member) 

      Actual Results
      Even though UserA is an Organization Owner, they are unable to modify admins in suborganizations.

      Expected Results
      As an Organization Owner, UserA should be able to modify any other user, even in suborganizations.


      At the master branch there is an issue that on step 6 shows the organization list empty.
      To avoid this behaviour you can disable the organization index with the following property:


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