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Search hits for web contents are still found if text is occurs in fields not mapped to the display page


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      • Create a web content structure with 2 fields:
        • A text field called mapped
        • A text field called unmapped
      • Create a web content. Write "alice" in the mapped field, write "bob" in the unmapped field. Publish the content.
      • Create a display page for this kind of content, with one simple text fragment.
      • Map text fragment to the mapped field.
      • Publish the display page and make it the default display page for that structure
      • Create a widget page and add an AP widget to it ensuring that the option "Asset Link Behavior" is set to "View In Context". Click in the web content to navigate to the display page.
      • Ensure search bar is working.
      • Search for "bob"

       Observed: 1 occurrence is found in each case. Clicking on the ocurrence takes user to the display page where "bob" does not occur
       Expected: it would be a reasonable expectation that ocurrences of unmapped fields were filtered in a search made by a user (not from control panel)

      Note: if observed behavior about search hits is intended, then it should be documented to avoid wrong expectations

      Tested in master at 6d30aff6c2aebac750c630c0675d00eed025ca97
      Reproduced in 7.1.x at 96e20f8658e831ab4554cff707fc373b5160fb91


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