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      Test Scenario Result (master), Apr, 12
      Verify all elements can be translated to any language  PASSED
      Check if basic properties (e. g. required) are kept the same in the translated form. 
      Obs.: Some of basic properties may be edited 
      - Name and Help text are copied by default, but can be edited on translated element
      Check if properties (properties tab) are kept the same in the translated element
      Obs.: Some of the properties may be edited
      E.g.: On aText Field: 
       - Predefined value, Placeholder text, Validation items (in case it is active) may be edited on translation.
      Verify that if an element is deleted on default language form, it is also deleted on translated form.  PASSED
      Verify that an element can not be changed in the translated form (e.g.: change a text field into a date field)  PASSED
      Verify that a form can be saved, published and previewed after adding any translation
      ^1^user can preview a form, but translation is not available on preview mode.
       Conditional PASS^1^
      Verify that an element set added on a form keeps a perviously added translation. 
      (e.g.: Create an element set in english and translate it to Spanish. Add the element set to a form with a Spanish translation. The translation of the element set should be kept)
      Blocked: Element set is not available.
      Verify if rules can be added on a form previously translated. PASSED
      Check if the flag size on a chosen language is the same shown in dropdown menu. PASSED 
      Check if the correct flag is presented according to country's name. PASSED
      Check if it is possible to add only on translation for each language PASSED 
      Check the form builder can add translations to each type of field on forms. Scenario deleted. Covered by the first scenario of this table.
      Check if the user can see the different translations he/she added by clicking on translation. PASSED 
      Check if the form builder sees the message "Are you sure you want to deactivate this language?" after clicking on "x" to delete a translation.  FAILED
      Check if a new element can be added on default language and that this new element can be translated to different languages that were added before. PASSED
      [Exploratory] Check if the information related to a translation is deleted when a user deletes a translation (LPS-93956) FAILED
      [Exploratory] Verify if data added on a translation do not impact on other translations (LPS-93955) FAILED
      [Exploratory] Check that only textual fields can be edited on translation (LPS-93970) FAILED
      [Exploratory] Verify that when user changes the label of a field in a translation, it does not impact on the field name of origin field. FAILED




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