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Unable to scroll Web Contents in List view in Site Administration on mobile devices



      When setting all web contents in a "List" view in the Product menu and wanting to scroll the list on a mobile device, the scrolling sometimes won't work at all, sometimes it will be stuck while scrolling, sometimes it will work after page refresh.

      Reproduction Steps:
      1) Start the server, login as Admin
      2) Click on left side Product Menu > Liferay DXP > Content & Data > Web Content
      3) Add at least 21 basic web contents, to activate scrolling and next page
      4) Go on the top-right corner of the web content view and click on the "Grid" icon which has "List" as tooltip, so that all web contents will be shown as a list
      5) On a mobile device, access the same Liferay instance (for example with iPad + Chrome, Android + Chrome, Android + Firefox), login and go to Product Menu > Content > Web Contents, ensure the "List" view is kept
      6) Start scrolling from down to up to move down and see web contents at the bottom of the list:

      Expected: Scrolling to work consistently and smootly
      Actual behavior: Scrolling won't start at all unless you click on an area outside the list of web contents or on anchor tags, such as e.g. the web content's title.

       Reproduced on master

       Not reproduced on Documents and Media: after adding 21 documents and switching to "List" view, scrolling on mobiles works.

       It happens also on Desktop devices in Chrome mobile simulation mode but after switching to mobile mode refresh the page


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                  Version Package
                  7.0.0 DXP FP82
         DXP SP12
                  7.1.3 CE GA4
                  7.1.10 DXP FP11