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Forms should not be configurable on a content page in view mode



      Steps to reproduce:  

      1. Create a fragment embedding a widget
        1. Go to Site Menu > Build > Page Fragments
        2. Under Collections section on the left side pane, click the + icon to add a new collection, name it C1, save and make sure C1 is selected;
        3. Click on the blue + icon on the right side to create a new fragment, name it PF1, save;
        4. On the HTML editor, add <lfr-widget-form></lfr-widget-form> nested inside the existing <div>;
        5. Click Publish button;
      2. Create a Form entry F1;
      3. Create a Content Page, name it CP1;
      4. Add PF1 to the page using the right-side pane;
      5. Navigate to CP1 (view mode)
      6. Configure click on Select Form on the widget of the content page;
      7. Choose F1 as the form to be displayed, then save;
      8. Close the Configuration popup;
      9. Refresh the page;

      Expected behavior
      Form should not be configurable on step 6

      Actual behavior
      The widget will be shown as if no form had been chosen




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