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Preferences of Web Content Display portlet is imported with the wrong groupId when staging is active



      Reproduction steps:

      1. Create a new Site
      2. Add a new page
      3. Place a Web Content Display portlet on it, and create a Basic Web Content to display
      4. Export the page and the web content into a LAR file
      5. Delete previously created Site
      6. Create a new site and activate local staging
      7. Import the LAR file

      Expected: The article is displayed correctly in the Web Content Display portlet
      Actual Result: The article is not visible in the Web Content Display portlet: "The selected web content no longer exists. Do you want to Select Another Web Content?"

      Additional step: Make a staging publication.

      Result: The article will be visible on the staging and live sites in the web content display.

      Notes: If you look at the DB, in the PortletPreferences table, the Web Content Display portlet preferences will contain the right articleId but the wrong groupId (the groupId of the Live site, instead of the staging one):

      SELECT * FROM lportal_master.portletpreferences
      where portletId like '%com_liferay_journal_content_web_portlet_JournalContentPortlet_INSTANCE%'

      Also tested:

      7.1x @ commit (5662f53f5d54a1d65332143834d82f0a90fff432) reproduced

      master @ commit (21398b4b8bacfbdcbb5daf4fe211e8889af4e598) reproduced


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