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Display page template cannot be deleted even after removing asset entries that were mapped to it


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      Steps to reproduce:

       Steps to reproduce:

      1. Go to Content & Data > Web Content and add a new web content
      2. Go to Site Builder > Pages > Display Page Templates
      3. Click + to add new display page template
      4. Provide a name and press save (notice that the back button is present)
      5. Add a fragment that has an editable field so that it can be mapped
      6. Click on the editable field, click on the map icon and select specific content
      7. Select the web content that was specified in point 1, and any field
      8. Publish the display page template
      9. Edit the display page template and remove the fragment
      10. Publish
      11. Try to delete the display page template

      Expected result: The display page template can be deleted

      Actual result: The display page template cannot be deleted, with an error saying: You cannot delete asset display page templates that are used by one or more assets.





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