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Memory-clustered scheduled jobs that fail to be retrieved from a master node will not run when a new master node is elected



      Steps to reproduce (use master-private / 7.1.x-private / 7.0.x-private instead of the public branches)

      1. Configure a Liferay cluster
      2. Start up the master node of the cluster
      3. Use Gogo shell to stop the powwow-portlet to simulate a WAB failing to initialize before startup (ss | grep powwow to get the bundle ID, then stop bundleId to stop the bundle)
      4. Start up the non-master node of the cluster
      5. Run the following script on each node to confirm that it does not list com.liferay.powwow.admin.messaging.SynchronizePowwowMessageListener
        def jobs = com.liferay.portal.kernel.scheduler.SchedulerEngineHelperUtil.getScheduledJobs(com.liferay.portal.kernel.scheduler.StorageType.MEMORY_CLUSTERED);
        out.println("master: " + com.liferay.portal.kernel.cluster.ClusterMasterExecutorUtil.isMaster())
        out.println("job count: " + jobs.size())
        jobs.forEach({ out.println(it.getJobName()) })
      6. Use Gogo shell to connect to the non-master node and manually start the powwow-portlet to make sure it's started
      7. Shut down the master node
      8. Run the Groovy script from step 5 on the non-master node (it will now be the master node)

      Expected behavior is that the cluster is able to recover from the state where it doesn't know about com.liferay.powwow.admin.messaging.SynchronizePowwowMessageListener and have scheduled jobs running. Actual behavior is that the com.liferay.powwow.admin.messaging.SynchronizePowwowMessageListener is still missing. Even if you start the original master node, and then restart its module, it will fail to pick up the corresponding scheduled job.




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