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Change URL in Image Properties in CKEditor not working


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      Using CKEditor, when we try to change the image in our Web Content using the Image Properties feature (right click on the image and choose Image Properties), the image was inserted into Summary field instead.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Enable CKEditor to be used for editing HTML field in a Web Content by using "editor.wysiwyg.portal-impl.portlet.ddm.text_html.ftl=ckeditor"
      2. Create a structure with at least one HTML field 
      3. Create a Web Content with the structure from above 
      4. Insert an image into the HTML field, using CKEditor insert Image feature 
      5. Right click on the inserted image from above, and choose Image Properties 
      6. Click Browse Server 
      7. A overlay popup will appear. Choose another image and click Add button

      Expected behavior 
      The image (from step 5) will be changed to the one selected in step 7

      Actual behavior 
      The image from step 7 will be inserted into the Summary field instead. The page even scrolled to the Summary field position.

      Reproduced on 7.1.x: f59a577c80c81260a932f599bced9ed1845be055
      Fixed on Master: 7702eef08f3f5bf88aba9d2a7fb8ace9888c6178


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