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Search results from non-Liferay indexes are seen on one page


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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Add the Boston dataset index to your portal instance. I used the attached zip file and the ant command, "add-boston-dataset-index", from Brian's branch.
      2. Create a new page
      3. Add a Search Bar widget and configure it with the following:
        Keywords Parameter Name: q
        Scope: Everything
      4. Add a Search Results widget and configure it with the following:
        Fields to Display: case_title,closure_reason,case_enquiry_id
        Federated Search Key: s1
      5. Add a Search Options widget and configure it with the following:
        Indexes: boston311
        Federated Search Key: s1
      6. Add a Custom Filter widget and configure it with the following:
        Filter Field: case_title,closure_reason
        Filter Query Type: Multi Match
        Occur: Filter
        Custom Parameter Name: q
        Federated Search Key: s1
      7. Search for "animal"
      8. On the Search Results widget, change the number of entries to 5
      9. Navigate to Search Results Configuration and change the pagination delta to 10
      10. Search for "animal"

      Expected Results
      Expected the number of displayed results to change to 5 and 10 in Step 8 and Step 10 respectively.

      Actual Results
      The number of displayed results don't change. All of the search results are displayed on the first page, regardless of the pagination delta. Clicking on another page changes the URL (&start=2) but since all of the results are displayed on the first page, the actual displayed page doesn't change.

      Reproduced on:
      Tomcat 9.0.17 + MySQL 5.7.25
      Portal master GIT ID: 7282e2226a8d83d6d408638ac5de25234f5201b2


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