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Permit follow-up searches to allow refinement of selections for bulk actions


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      Liferay permits bulk actions to be performed through selectable checkboxes on several assets including users as well as site contents. The current functionality allows for selections to be retained, even when moving onto other pages. For example, if we have 3 items selected on the first page, and 4 items selected on the second page, we will have a total of 7 items selected for bulk action.

      Liferay also permits searches against assets/user, and based on these search results you can perform selections of those assets/users.


      • While cumulative selections are permitted through the use of the page selector, this remains a manual process. At this time, nested searches aren't permitted in Liferay, which means users will be unable to search over initial searches.
      • While it might be a minor inconvenience when searching through 30-50 assets (since we only have a few pages to shuffle through), this poses a less-than-optimal experience for real life conditions if there are hundreds to hundred thousands of assets/users.
      • If this were to be implemented, retention of objects in memory may cause performance degradation, so searching in assets may need to be refactored.


      • Add a toggle next to the search bar that will allow for follow up searches that will allow a user to accumulate selections based on refinements.




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