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Unable to get identifiers of a web content field in a Web Content template



      This is a problem because the normal use case is to display the HTML of the related web content using a service or a taglib in the container web content template.

      After LPS-90886 only it is present the title (getData) and the friendlyURL (getFriendlyURL) for the web content field in the template node, so, it is not possible to do operations with the linked web content, as display its HTML or whatever.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a web content structure called Item, having a text field: itemValue
      2. Create its template and create a web content Item, selecting this template => Title "Item 1" itemValue: "This is the Item value 1"
      3. Create a web content structure named ItemContainer having a web content field "Item"
      4. Create its structure and one template
      5. Create a web content ItemContainer: ItemContainer 1, and select the Item 1
      6. Add the ItemContener 1 to a web content display in a page

      We only can get the "Item 1" title and "This is the Item value 1" string in the template, but this is not enough to display inline the HTML of the linked WebContent, that is a very common use case.


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