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      This epic contains all the stories related to the creation of a simple customized object (with only one form view and one table view).

      General Concepts

      Objects are the main entity of the App Builder. In this first version of the product, we are proposing a feature that allow user to create CRUD applications. That being said, each object will represent a new App that will be able to insert new entries, see the listing, delete and view existing entries.

      Custom Objects

      The purpose of custom objects is to allow the user to represent his business needs that aren't supported by Liferay's native objects. This way, if some kind of entity is needed, but not already in Liferay (e.g. Product Orders, Quotes, Vacation Request, etc.), he can create a custom object, gather and centralize the information in his app using different forms and tables.

      Form Views

      To add new entries, the App admin will need to create Form Views that will be published and consequently, used by the App's final users to submit new entries for the objects. Not only that, but ir our solution, the Form View creation will also be used to define the object structure, meaning that underneath, while the user adds and updates fields in his Form Views, the system will also be adding and updating the object model.

      Table Views

      To view the list of existing entries of an Object, the App admin will need to create Table Views that will be published and consequently, used by the App's final users to see the listing of entries and get access to the basic actions of the App (add, update, delete, view details).


      After having at least one Form View and one Table View defined, the App Builder admin will need to deploy his App in order to make it accessible for the final users, be it as a standalone app, widget or in one of the DXP products menu. Once an Object can have more than one Form and/or Table view, sometimes the App Admin will need to make more than one deployment, one for each combination of Form and Table that he needs available for his App to work and address all possible requirements.



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