• Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 7.1.X
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    • Component/s: Staging, WCM > Fragments
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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Start a 7.1 bundle with the latest Fix Pack 11
      2. Import the attached ADT in Control Panel -> Build -> Application Display Templates
      3. Create a folder in Documents and Media, upload a video in the folder
      4. Go to Control Panel -> Build -> Page Fragments
      5. Create a new Collection
      6. Create a page fragment in it, embed a media gallery widget between the divs in the HTML section like this:
        <div class="fragment_id"> <lfr-widget-media-gallery> </lfr-widget-media-gallery> </div>
      1. Create a new Content Page
      2. Add your page fragment in it
      3. Go to its configuration
      4. Choose the imported ADT at Display Template
      5. Choose the created folder at Root Folder, Save
      6. Go to your site, observe that the embedded video is shown on the page
      7. Turn Local Staging on with the default configuration
      8. Go to your Staging site, observe that the video has disappeared from the page
      9. Go to your Live site, observe that the video has been successfully published there
      10. Edit the fragment's configuration of your content page (Observe that the previously set configuration has been reset (display template and root folder)
      11. Set them again, choose the imported ADT and your root folder, Save
      12. The video is shown on both the Staging and Live site
      13. Publish to Live again
      14. Observe that the video has disappeared from Live and shown on Staging

      Expected behavior: Video gets published to Live successfully for the first time, it won't disappear from Staging and the fragments configuration won't get reset

      Actual behavior: Video gets published to Live but disappears from Staging, the fragment loses its configuration, after the second publish it disappears from Live




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