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Web Content Display widget embedded in a Page Fragment is not configurable



      1) Patch 7.1 with dxp-10-7110 and start the server, log in with admin user
      2) Navigate to Control Panel > Users > Site Roles > Top-right "+" button > Create a role called "Content Author"
      3) Define the following permissions to such role:

      Page Fragments: Every permissions
      Pages: All permissions under "General Permissions", "Site", "Page"
      Site Settings: Every permissions
      Web Content: Every permissions
      Web Content Display: Every permissions

      4) Create a new user called author@liferay.com, assign it to the Liferay DXP site and grant the Site role of "Content Author"
      5) Create a Page Fragments Collection and 1 Fragment in it, the fragment has this HTML markup (please, change the class="fragment_34560" to something relevant in your bundle:

      <div class="fragment_34560">

      6) Go to Build > Pages > click on the top-right (blue) "Plus" button > Public Page > Content Page > create a new Content Page > Add Page > give a name > click on the Fragment on the right side > click on its "Plus" button to add it > hover the mouse onto the added portlet:

      Result: the "Configure" button will appear

      7) Now, logout/login with the author@liferay.com user and repeat step 6):

      Actual result: The "Configure" button will not appear anymore
      Expected result: Same as step 6) outcome




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