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Overriding email templates for asset publisher in system settings is not working correctly in the actual portlets.



      Steps to reproduce: 

      0. Use a vanilla bundle with the latest fix pack. And Use a fake SMTP sever on port 2525.

      1. In System Setting -> Assets -> Asset Publisher change the Check Interval to 1.

      2. Go to System Setting -> Assets -> widget scope -> Asset Publisher

      3. change 'Email Asset Entry Added Subject' and 'Email Asset Entry Added Body' properties, for example set these values:
      'Email Asset Entry Added Subject' : New assets in [$PORTLET_TITLE$]
      'Email Asset Entry Added Body' : Dear [$TO_NAME$],<br /><br /> There are new assets

      4. In Control Panel --> Configuration --> Server Administration --> Mail set to the Outgoing Port 2525 and save the configuration.

      5. Add new page. Add new asset publisher portlet to the page - open the configuration view, make sure the values for email templates are set to what we set in 'System Settings'. Do not save or change configuration at this time

      6. Subscribe to asset publisher 

      7. Add new content to asset publisher (to trigger the subscription email) 

      8. After a while, receive email from asset publisher

      Expected result: 
      The email has the correct subject and body (as set in the configuration)

      Actual result: 
      The email has empty title and content

      9. Go back to the asset publisher. In the asset publisher configuration change one or several values related to email templates (like subject, body or sender). Now save the configuration 

      10. Add new content to asset publisher (to trigger the subscription email) 

      11 After a while, receive email from asset publisher - now the email is correct




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