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Imported document within fragment cannot be seen



      Reproducing steps

      1. Create a site called site01
      2. Create a collection of fragments called collection01
      3. In collection01, create a new component (or fragment in 7.1.x) called fragment01
      4. In the html section set the following code:
        <div class="content-title">
        	<lfr-editable id="imagen" type="image">
        	     <img src="" alt="header icon">
      5. Create a new content page called contentpage01
      6. Add fragment01, click on the part saying "header icon" and
        1. in 7.2.x and master, click first on the pencil icon, and the "select" button
      7. Add a new image file (and publish, if in 7.2.x or master)
      8. Go to Publishing > Export and export site01
      9. Create a new site called site02
      10. In site02, got to Publishing > Import and import the file for site01
      11. Go to page contentpage01 in site02
        Observed: The image can be seen ok.
      12. Delete site01
      13. Go to to page contentpage01 in site02 (it maybe necessary to emtpy the browser's cache and/or clear the database cache from Server Administration)
        Expected: The image can be seen ok.
        Observed: The image cannot be seen.

      Note: The editable values, which include the filepath to the document, are not being changed to account for the new filepath (which has a different groupid, etc).


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