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Requesting an improvement on the scalability of Forms


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      Current Behavior
      Currently, Forms is scoped as a site content asset. This means that if you create a form on Site X, it can only be used on Site X. You can't scale it vertically between parent/child sites and you can't scale a form created on Site X horizontally to other sites on the same level.

      Given this limitation, the only option is to manually craft the Forms in each site. If a change is needed, all of the respective sites' Form data needs to be adjusted to retain consistency.

      In terms of a workaround, one idea that might come up is to create a Form in the Global scope, and to add a page on Site X which displays a Form portlet scoped to the Global site. In this use case, we're able to see the Form from Global on Site X, but there is a huge limitation: After we add data from Site X Form entries/data is warehoused in Global, rather than Site X.

      For organizations that have strict privacy regulations, adding content to Global would not be a good solution, and secondly, there is no record of where the form entry was recorded from.

      The experience of Forms should be treated more like templates/structures that would allow them to be much more scalable, and permit forms entry data to be populated in the respective site it's configured for. An Administrator should be able to choose which sites that use that Form. Changes to a Form at the origin would be effective for all sites that use that Form.




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