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As a marketer, I can view DXP created AB tests in AC


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      SP | Sprint 15 | Jul10 - Jul23, SP | Sprint 16 | Jul24 - Aug06, SP | Sprint 17 | Aug07 - Aug21



      See Epic and Spike for general AB testing motivation.

      For the first version of AB testing, AB test will be created through the DXP interface. In order for Analytics Cloud to run the test and display relevant information to the users, test information must be available on this environment, too. 


      The scope of this story is limited to the following actions:

      • Add/Update tests from DXP to AC with basic information (name, description, page, control variant, segment) corresponding to step 1 in the DXP AB test creation process.
      • Visualize the test list and test detail info in AC through manual navigation (i.e. direct link from DXP to AC is out of the scope).


      • AC UI: LRAC-2882
      • AC endpoints: LRAC-2932


      • See Figma for general reference
      • This story does not involve any changes on the DXP UI. 

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. An AB test created in DXP is visible in AC

      • Given that an AB test for a given page and experience is created on DXP
      • When I go to the AC UI for AB test on my workspace
      • Then I see the test listed on the UI with the information required by AC (see LRAC-2882 and Figma). 
        • The test detail view on AC should show that the test is on step 2 (primary goal metric pending) of the AB test creation process in AC (see Figma)
        • According to the AC design, the test information (received from DXP) is:
          • List: Test Name, URL (only the path relative to the host), Status, Create Date, Modified Date. Column Type is always "A/B" and this won't be sent by DXP for now.
          • Detail view (when clicking on Select Experience): Experience For Control, Segment.

      2. Changes on an AB test in DXP are reflected in AC

      • Given that existing AB test in DXP that is visible in AC
      • When I edit the test details (Name and description) on AC
      • Then the changes are reflected in the test in AC

      3. Changes on AB test related info are reflected in AC

      • Given that existing AB test in DXP that is visible in AC
      • When I edit any/all of:
        • the associated segment name
        • the associated page friendly URL
        • the associated page name
        • the associated control variant (i.e. experience) name out of scope, LPS-97195 (story about variant)
      • Then the changes are reflected in the test in AC


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