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As a marketer, I get notified when the test is completed




      See Epic (LPS-87072) and Spike (LPS-95354) for general AB testing motivation.

      The purpose of an AB test is to find the page experience that maximizes a goal for a given audience, by comparing the performance of different experience variants during a time. 

      Once Analytics Cloud has compiled enough information of a running test and computed a result, the test automatically finishes and the test creator is notified in DXP with the result, in order to take the last manual action: publish the winner (if there’s one), or simply discard the test.


      This story covers the automatic notification to the test owner when Analytics Cloud - or any other user -modifies the test status , including the endpoint for AC to communicate the test result to DXP.

      This story does not cover the publication of the winner variant or the test discard (see LPS-99363)


      • See Figma for reference (see Test is completed/Notification section)

      Acceptance Criteria

      When Analytics Cloud changes the test status, the user is notified.

      • Given a test is created in DXP
      • When the test status is changes in Analytics Cloud
      • Then the test owner in DXP receives a notification with:
        • title: "Test [test name] has finished"
        • link to the experiment page with the segmentsExperimentKey parameter (see LPS-98989)
        • No body will be added to the notification for now.

      The navigation link redirects to the content page of the test with the AB test panel open in that test

      • Given a test notification is displayed
      • When the notification link is clicked
      • Then the user is redirected to the content page of the test, with the the AB test panel open in that test




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