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As a content author with "Update Inline Content" permission I can edit mapped content in a Content Page




      When content authors view a Content Page, they may find situations in which they want to edit content created by them which is being displayed in that page. A similar need is to be able to see a list of content being displayed (in full or in part) in the current page, through the field mapping capabilities. This is currently possible as long as the content author also have permission to edit the page. However, it's not possible for content authors who don't have this permission.

      The goal of this story is to provide content authors with a way to see a list of content which is being displayed on the page and have an option to edit them. This list should be accessible for any user with permission to edit any of the content of the page. 

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Given a page which has 1 or more displayed content (through mapping, web content display or asset publisher manual selection)
      • When a user with permission to edit at least one of the content and has permission to "Update Inline Content" views the page
      • Then the edit icon should be shown and when clicked, the user should be taken to an edit view where the list of all content shown in the page
      • Given a user which has permission to edit a page which displays one or more content
      • When the user views the page
      • Then a single edit icon should be shown and clicking it should take the user to the full edition of the page (including a right panel listing displayed content and offering the option to edit any of them)

      Known limitations

      • This feature only covers content which has been mapped or which has been explicitly selected to be displayed in the page through Web Content Display or Asset Publisher. That is, edition of dynamic lists of content are not supported.

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