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Application entires that are in the Recycle Bin should not have an option to Edit



      When trying to edit personal data from a User where the application entry is in the Recycle Bin, you will get the following errors messages (also please see attached screenshot):

      "*Error:*The document could not be found."

      "*Error:*Your request failed to complete."

      An Admin should not be able to edit an application entry that is in the Recycle Bin. There should either be an option to preview it if possible (like in the Recycle Bin portlet) or only allow the Admin the Anonymize/Delete the entry.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a User
      2. Create several application entires and move them to the Recycle Bin
      3. Admin will delete Personal Data for the User
      4. In the Personal Data Erasure portlet, attempt to click or "Edit" the application entry
      5. Assert you get errors

      Expected Results

      When deleting an entry that is in the Recycle Bin, either just view it or only have the option to Anonymize/Delete

      Actual Results

      When deleting an entry that is in the Recycle Bin, you can edit the entry which leads to error messages

      Reproduced on:

      Tomcat 9.0.17 + MySQL 5.7.19. Portal master GIT ID: 0b6a12f3b3dad0cb001b15e396cd46f586c96df5.

      7.1.x-private GIT ID:  7b1eecd3d8180b6d1ddfafd4afd325103a7bdcb0.
      7.1.x GIT ID: f94be38bdfdf6a2164ab3bebd209c486bde7a1e6.



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