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Request for new aui:form taglib feature: Liferay taglib hidden form inputs shall be separately set with namespaces from custom form inputs


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      I am opening this feature request on behalf our customer, Narsingh Pal.

      The main idea of the feature request would be the following: a new aui:form taglib feature shall be created which would allow to set Liferay taglib hidden form inputs with namespaces separately from custom form inputs.


      Current behavior based on the reported use case:

      1) portletNamespace attribute: It is designed to avoid form name/ID inconsistencies (duplicate IDs in the DOM) without being tied to _my_portlet_fieldName, although this way extra prefix is required to be added for example to the formDate hidden input, such as_:_

      String portletNamespace = renderResponse.getNamespace();
      <aui:form  ... portletNamespace="Tab1<%= portletNamespace %>">

      2) The other possible way is to adjust the default useNamespace attribute and set it as "false". This case the form inputs do not change - according to the expectation -, although in the other hand the formDate hidden input might get included in DOM multiple times (e.g. in case of multiple tabs include separate forms), which may also cause name or ID interference. (However, most probably it would only be able to identify using a DOM validator.)

      The method of applying useNamespace attribute is similar to portletNamespace:

      <aui:form  ... useNamespace="false">


      Expected behavior:

      Allow to set Liferay taglib hidden form inputs with namespaces separately from custom form inputs, so the developer can keep applying their own field names, unchanged without the limitations of portletNamespace and useNamespace attributes.


      You may find additional information about the specific use case at HC ticket #8821 

      In case of any upcoming clarification questions, please contact Narsingh Pal for further information.





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