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Facilitate editing content displayed in a given content page to content authors



      For content authors, it is very handy to be able to quickly access the edition of a given content as they are seeing it in a page. The alternative is to go to the content administration application and look for the specific content, which may take time and always leaves some uncertainty as to whether it's really the right content.

      In widget pages, this is often possible since all content is displayed through widgets and the widgets themselves provide a link to edit the content to users with the right permissions.

      In content pages this option also exists, although not in all cases. This is partly because Content pages provide several ways for displaying content including:

      • Mapping content field by field
      • Using a widget to display specific content
      • Using specific purpose fragments that display content

      The goal of this Epic is to provide an optimal way to allow users with content editing permissions the ability to quickly see the content in a page and access a way to edit it.

      The goal is to analyze the business needs around quick edition and addition of content to provide an optimal solution for the case of Content Pages. Here are some aspects to consider:

      • In large sites, the users who can create or edit content may be different from those who can edit the pages themselves. Because of this, the addition and edition of content should be available outside of the edition of a page.
      • Inline content is currently happening while editing the page. If the edition of other content is done from the page view, it might cause some confusion (this requires user testing to confirm or deny the possible confusion).
      • This might be an opportunity to support inline editing of any content. This seems specially valuable in the case of content visualized in its display page. Although it might also be desirable for content mapped anywhere in a page.



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