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As a page or content author I can access the edition of a content that I'm seeing display in a page through a widget




      One way to display content in a Content Page is using a widget like Web Content Display (WCD) or Asset Publisher. In the traditional widget pages these widgets offered controls to allow editing the content. This approach is not valid within the content page editor because the interaction with widgets is blocked to prevent accidental usage of the widget while editing the page. 

      The goal of this Story is to solve the need of quickly editing content displayed on the page in a way that fits well with the interactions of the page editor.

      Design Deliverables 

      Figma Mockup

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Given a WCD widget configured to display content X when the page author opens the "Contents" panel then content X is listed and actions are available to edit the content
      • Given an Asset Publisher widget configured with manual selection to display several content when the page author opens the "Contents" panel then all of the content items is listed and actions are available to edit each of the content

      Known Limitations

      • Content displayed with Asset Publisher when configured to use dynamic selection will not be taken into account. This is due to the difficulty of identifying which content is being displayed. We should research possible solutions for it in the future.


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