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As a marketer, I can set the goal of my test on DXP


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      See Epic (LPS-87072) and Spike (-LPS-95354-) for general AB testing motivation.

      The purpose of an AB test is to find the page experience that maximizes a goal for a given audience. 


      The goals supported for the first version of AB Testing are: 

      • Bounce Rate
      • Scroll Depth
      • Time On Page
      • Click.* 
        • This goal will be implemented as part of LPS-96791, and it’s not in the scope of the current story.


      Acceptance Criteria

      1. The goal selector is shown when adding a new Test

      • Given a content page exists and the AB test panel is open
      • When an AB test is created
      • Then the Create New Test modal shows the inputs:
        • Test Name (Required) → See LPS-97882
        • Test Description → See LPS-97882
        • Select Goal (Required) with Bounce Rate and Click Scroll Depth and Time In Page (LPS-101830) options 

      2. Adding a test with a goal

      • Given the Create New Test modal is open
      • When the required inputs (including the goal) are set and the Save button is clicked
      • Then the test is created 

      3. The goal selector is shown when editing a Test

      • Given an existing AB test
      • When the edit option is selected in the actions menu close to the test name
      • Then the edit test modal is shown with the same inputs as the create new test modal, and the inputs contain their current value

      4. Editing the test goal 

      • Given the edit test modal is open
      • When the goal is changed and the Save button is clicked
      • Then the test is saved and if the edit modal is opened again, the goal selector reflects the change

      5. Test goal changes are visible on AC

      • Given an AB test
      • When the goal is set during creation/edition
      • Then the change is visible in the AB test on Analytics Cloud


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