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Completed Workflow SLA tasks is showing US date format in Japanese localization



      Completed Workflow SLA tasks is showing US date format in Japanese localization

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Go to Content & Data > Web Content
      2. Click the INFO icon > Click tricolon icon > Edit
      3. Change the Default Workflow for All Structures to Single Approver, then Save
      4. Create a new Web Content Article, then submit it for publication
      5. Go to Control Panel > Workflow > Metrics
      6. Click on the Single Approver link
      7. Add a new SLA:
        • Name: Writer Metrics
        • Start: Process Begins, Enters Task: Update
        • Stop: Process Ends: Approved
        • Duration: 00:05 (five minutes) > Save
      8. Change to Japanese localization by setting /ja/ in after the port number and before group in the current url (e.g. http://localhost:8080/ja/group/control_panel/manage...)
      9. Look at the Last Updated field (最終更新時期
      10. Click the back arrow, and then go back to the Single Approver window to see Pending and Completed tasks
      11. Look at the Overdue item (期限切れ) in Pending Items (保留中の項目), and click it
      12. Check the Creation Date (作成日)
      13. Go back > Click the Completed tab (完了)
      14. On the far right hand side, click Date Range Picker which reads Last 30 days (過去30日間)

      Expected Results:
      To see localized Japanese date format. The creation date should be in Japanese YYYY年M月D日 or international format YYYY-MM-DD 24H clock. The underlying date stamps should show Japanese date formatting. So for example:

      • 20 Jun, 12 AM - 20 Jun, 02 AM = 6月20日 0:00 - 6月20日 2:00
      • 23 Dec, 2018 - 20 Jun, 2019 = 2018年12月23日 - 2019年6月20日
      • The last update time should show the date stamp as YYYY年M月D日 - for example, 2019年6月20日

      Actual Results:
      Date ranges are in US date format, indicating wrong timestamp for Japanese localization.

      Tomcat 9.0.17 _+ MySQL 5.7 + Portal 7.2.x-private GIT ID:
      Base Branch Commit: 2729b6dd314fd879a5097ff39d2127115f788de6


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