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Image Viewer tab styling is wrong after switching tabs



      (Note this is not necessarily specific to blogs, but that's where I took the screenshots. Please feel free to move it to another component if there is a better fit.)

      Once https://github.com/brianchandotcom/liferay-portal/pull/74932 lands you will be able to reproduce this (that fixes a bug, LPS-97401, that prevented you from switching tabs).

      To repro:

      1. Go to a site control panel, Content & Data, Blogs
      2. Open or create a blog post
      3. Add an image (upload one if necessary)
      4. Save the post
      5. Edit the post again
      6. Click on the image
      7. In the "Blog Images" modal, click on your image
      8. Hit the "I" (Info) button to show the sidebar (note: screen must be wide enough to show the sidebar in "dark" mode — when the screen is narrow it will show it in "white" mode, which won't match the screenshots I am going to attach)
      9. Click on tabs in the sidebar header
      10. Note the colors are all wrong as seen in the screenshots: clicking back to the first tab shows unreadable white text on white background; and on the second tab the blue highlight underline doesn't actually move to that tab.


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