In LPS-97079 we created a smallish number of lint suppressions — that is, we marked some possible problems in the code as "warnings" rather than "errors" — in order to enable us to turn on linting in CI.

      The full list of modules containing suppressions is here:

      And the full list of "errors" that are turned into "warnings" by the suppressions is here:

      The goal of this epic is to remove all existing suppressions so we can rely on our linting safety net moving forward.

      What kind of code changes may be necessary?

      • "for..of loops are not allowed: no-for-of-loops/no-for-of-loops": rewrite the code without the "for..of" construct.
      • "Empty block statement: no-empty": put something in the block statement, even if it just a comment.
      • "Unnecessary escape character: no-useless-escape": remove the escape.
      • "'global' is not defined: no-undef": analyze to determine whether "global" can be safely added to the list of globals in this region.
      • "'navigationStartX' is constant: no-const-assign": change "const" to "let" once you've determined the code is correct.
      • "'options' is assigned a value but never used: no-unused-vars": mark unused parameters with a leading underscore (eg. "_options") or remove them if appropriate.
      • "'Modal' is defined but never used: no-unused-vars": analyze to determine whether an import is being included for its side-effect rather than the value it returns; if it is, don't assign the value; otherwise, delete the import.





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