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[Performance] View average completion time of top steps performance


    • 7.2.x
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    • Workflow_7.2_SP1_05, Workflow_7.2_SP2_01, Workflow_7.2_SP2_02, Workflow_7.2_SP2_03


      As an operation manager, I want to view which steps of my process have the longest average time to complete in a given timeframe, so that I can understand what needs to be optimized the most.


      Story Scope

      Create a new metrics card that will list up to 10 steps of the selected process with the biggest number of average completion time.


      Acceptance Criteria

      • The card will have a fix height of 504px (the same as the Completion Velocity card);
      • The card should list up to 10 entries with the biggest number of average completion time;
        • If more than 5 entries, the table should provide a vertical scroll;
        • If 5 entries or less, the table should follow the default behaviour (even if the card has more space on the bottom), with no scroll on it;
        • The table maximum height is 360px;
      • The table default sorting order should be from the biggest time to the smaller from the column Avg. Completion Time;
      • The column Avg. Completion Time should display the time taken for N tasks to complete from start to end divided by the number of completed tasks during the selected period;
        • When displaying time, we should shorten the time units by using the biggest measurement possible, and use up to 2 units per time, combined as follows:
          • Minutes: min
          • Hours: h (60 min = 1 hour)
          • Days: d (24 hours = 1 day)
            Small unit Bigger unit Biggest unit Example
            minute - - 3min
            - minute hour 2h 40min
            - hour day 37d 4h
      • If there is an unexpected error, the card should display the specific error state (as specified on Figma);
      • If there are no completed items, the card should display the specific empty state (as specified on Figma);
      • When hovering the info icon next to the card title, there should be a tooltip (as specified on Figma).

      Definitions of Done

      • Related tests created and passed successfully;
      • All Acceptance Criteria were passed;
      • Make sure that all system documentation were updated (if necessary);
      • Validated by QA, Product Designer and/or PM;
      • No critical issue related to Story scope (ex.: similar of a FP4, FP5 bug);
      • Code with peer review completed.

      Design Deliverables


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