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Drag and Drop does not follow standard VIEW Permission defaults



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Log in as admin and create a Site X (according to my tests and my understanding, it doesn't matter if the site membership is set to Private or not).

      2. Create a private page in that site, and place a Documents and Media widget on it (I think this is what you meant by "configure private pages to be used on site X ").

      3. Add a document through the "normal" way: go to Left side control panel/Content/Documents and Media/+, or hit the + icon from the Documents and Media widget on that page. Fill in the form, select the file, and save. (Note that in the Permissions section, Viewable By is set to Site Members by default - because the site has at least one private page)

      Checkpoint: Go to Left side control panel/Content/Documents and Media, and click Actions/Permissions for that document. You can see that there is no box ticked for the Guest role.

      4. Go to the private page again, and drag'n'drop a file from your file browser onto the Documents and Media widget. This is convenient, as you don't have to fill in any form. The document is instantly added and saved.

      5. Go back to Left side control panel/Content/Documents and Media, and click Actions/Permissions for the document that you added by drag'n'drop.

      Result: There are two boxes ticked for the Guest role: View and Add Discussion.
      Expected: These boxes should not be selected. The permissions of the document should look exactly like those of the other document, which was added the traditional way.




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