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User Segments does not permit the ability to segment users by certain properties


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      User Segment rule builder no longer permits the ability to add rules such as age and gender which were permitted in Audience Targeting in earlier versions of Liferay.

      For example, 7.1's documentation indicates the various properties that can be set per rule:

      User Segment Rules
      Custom rules can be created by developers and deployed as OSGi plugins. See the Creating New Audience Targeting Rule Types tutorial for details.

      These are some of the rules that are included with the app by default:

      User Attributes
      Age (from the user profile)
      Gender (from the user profile)
      Role (regular Role, Organization Role or Site Role)
      Membership (Site member, Organization member, User Group member)
      Session Attributes
      Location (obtained from the IP address)
      Browser, Device, Operating system
      Like of a specific Facebook page
      Number of Facebook friends
      City, Age, Gender, Education, etc. from your Facebook profile
      Viewed page or content
      Score Points rule.
      For a complete reference of all rules available, see the Liferay Audience Targeting Rules tutorial.

      This might present a challenge for upgrades which may have rules based on age and gender which were permitted in previous versions through Audience Targeting.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Start up Liferay DXP 7.2
      2. Go to Product Menu > Liferay DXP site > People > Segments
      3. Create a new user segment
      4. Open up the right side window for "User"
      5. Observe the options

      Actual Results
      Aspects such as Age and Gender are no longer present.

      Expected Behavior
      Aspects such as Age and Gender are present.

      Reproduced in
      DXP 7.2 GA1
      7.2.X Commit: 6b58cd5deca575d517780ea8c49d550f9c4da692
      Master Commit: f52addb8fe4936df9d14fc55432c0ad724fa93fc


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