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Translate web content to the languages a user has permissions


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      Value Statement

      As a site administrator, 

      I want to be able to create translation roles for those assets that are possible to translate setting specific languages

      so that those roles can translate content for specific languages in the site

      Functional Description

      Permission definition tables that are related to assets that are possible to translate must have a "Translate" permission row.

      Roles with translations permissions must be able to assign to languages.

      In role assignation, the modal must show only those roles that have at least a translation permission defined.

      Scenarios to solve:

      • One language per site 
      • Multiple languages per site
      • Default language change
      • Removing a language

      Use Cases

      • Define a role for translating web contents to Spanish.
      • The user would have to create a role and give access and translation permission for this role. Later on, this role will be assigned to a language, Spanish - Spain in this case, in Site Settings.
      • The translator must be able to write content in the specified language due to translation permission in the role for a language
      • The translator must be able to check the content in the default language (we take as common base the default language although this could change in the future to translate from a translated language. An option could be the fallback language)
      • The translator must not be able to edit the default language content unless permissions allow.



      Figma (language assigment)

      Acceptance Criteria 

      Given a site with English as default language and Spanish and Italian as additional active languages

      When a user creates a role

      Then they can set the translate action for web content

      And then in site settings associate this role to Spanish and/or Italian


      Given a user with a translator role

      When they click on the "translate" action

      Then they will be directed to the web content editor

      And they will be able to modify only the languages they have permissions for




      Test Scenarios

      ID Test Priority Test Scenarios Covered by Backend (Unit/Integration)? Test to add
      2.10 5 An active language can be assigned to translation role in site settings    
      2.11 5 Default language can be assigned to translation role in site settings    
      2.12 5 Translation role can modify localizable contents in editor only using assigned active language    
      2.13 4 Translation role cannot modify default language content when language is unassigned    
      2.14 5 Translation role can modify default language content once language is assigned    
      2.15 5 The "Translate" permission in assets can be assigned through the permissions definition table    




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