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Content Set variation never gets shown on Asset Publisher


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      When I configure an Asset Publisher with a Content Set that has variations I only get the default variation.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Go to a Site. Create a Segment under People using whatever rule. In my sample I am creating a rule based on the session's URL (URL contains "newsletter")
      2. Create two basic Web Contents in that site. No matter the content.
      3. Go to Content& Data > Content Sets. Create new Content Set with Two personalized variations. Just as an example, default one can have Ordering with Order By Modified Date Ascending; variation associated to the segment created could have Ordering with Order by Modified Date Descending
      4. Assert that if you click on the Content Set variation's name, in the three dots and then "View Content" the preview works right for both variations.
      5. Now create a New Page (Widget Page or Content Page should be the same) and add an Asset Publisher.
      6. Configure the Asset Publisher to use the Content Set previously created
      7. Now Open Simulation tool on the page (at the top right) and simulate what a user would see if the belongs to one or other segment. Same thing would happen if you add the parameter expected by the rule (is not just a simulation problem)

      Expected result
      When simulating or actually belonging to the segment I can see different results than the default ones

      Actual result
      I see same result (order in my test) so variation is not happening


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