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After install a fixpack, portletpreferences are removed for embedded portlets



      After installing some fixpacks, some upgrades are removing portletpreferences for embedded portlets.

      Steps to reproduce in 7.0.x

      1. Start a portal in liferay-fix-pack-de-69-7010.
      2. Deploy attached theme new-70-theme.war with an asset publisher embedded.
      3. Create a page and configure to use this new-70-theme. (Configure Page > (tab) Look and Feel > select option 'Define a specific look and feel for this page.' and select new-70-theme)
      4. Configure embedded asset publisher (Configuration Menu) in the new page created:
        1. Select Dynamic.
        2. Select Source > Asset Type: Blogs Entry.
      5. Create a new Web content.
      6. Create a new Blog entry.
      7. Check that asset publisher is just showing the Blog entry.
      8. Shutdown the portal.
      9. Install liferay-fix-pack-de-70-7010 with patching-tool.
      10. Remove osgi/state/.
      11. Start portal and check new page created.

      Current behavior
      Asset Publisher has lost his configuration and is showing the Web content and the Blog entry.

      Expected behavior
      Asset Publisher is still configured to show just the Blog entry.

      This behavior could be reproduced too if, after complete steps 2 to 8, change the database, in the table Release_, the schemaVersion value from 1.0.2 to 1.0.1 where servletContextName is 'com.liferay.asset.publisher.web' (only for test):

      update Release_ set schemaVersion = '1.0.1' where servletContextName = 'com.liferay.asset.publisher.web' and schemaVersion = '1.0.2';

      After start the portal again, this behavior should be reproduced because upgrades for asset publisher should be executed.


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