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Asset priorities reset to 0.0 after publication to live



      Steps to reproduce:

      0) Create a blank site and enable Local Staging for it.
      1) Create two pages P1 and P2
      2) Add an Asset Publisher portlet to each, and set them to display asset priority in Display Settings/Metadata (this will ease our work, so we don't have to check the database entries)
      3) Create a web content article and set its priority to 1.1 for example
      4) Publish to live
      Checkpoint: Check that the Live Asset Publishers display the correct priority 
      5) Create a web content structure with a link to layout field, add a template for this structure
      6) Create a web content W1 based on the link to layout structure, it should point to page P2
      7) Go to page P1 and add a Web Content Display portlet above the Asset Publisher and select the W1 article to be displayed
      8) Publish to Live

      Actual Result: The Asset Publishers on Live will show priority 0.0 for the web contnet from point 3. Its priority has been reset to 0.0.
      Expected Result: The Asset Publishers on Live will show the right priority that we set at step 3

      Escalation engineer analysis: During the export process a journal asset's priority only set in one Asset Publisher portlet. If another Asset Publisher displays the same journal, it won't save the asset-entry-priority preference as it's already saved in the previous Asset Publisher. I think the best solution would be if every Asset Publisher saves the asset-entry-priority preference.

      So during the export process the P1 Asset Publisher will save the asset-entry-priority preference for the journal assets in the lar at:
      However during import, as we have a W1 article before the P1 Asset Publisher, the import process will start importing P2 Asset Publisher, it starts to import the related journal articles, and as the asset-entry-priority is not set, the import process will set the priority to 0.0.
      After the import process finished the P2 page, then it continues the P1 page, and starts to import the P1 Asset Publisher portlet, however P1 Asset Publisher journals have been imported, so it won't import them again, and the asset-entry-priority value won't be set.

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