Business scenario

      Marketing department wants to share their website content in Facebook and other social media in an attractive way, so they do not want just to paste the URL to the page they want to promote, but for the content to integrate smoothly in the Facebook feed.


      In order to do so, Liferay pages have to support the OpenGraph metadata, so any app (Facebook, Slack, etc)



      Add support for the OpenGraph meta tags at page configuration. (

      Use cases


      As a content creator I want to fill the OpenGraph meta tags so my content will appear attractive on apps supporting OpenGraph

      As a content creator I want to reuse for the OpenGraph meta tags as much as possible from the information already filled

      og:title : allow for filling it independently or reuse the title filled in HTML title

      og:image: select an image from D&M, from web contents of the page, from the page itself or upload an image

      og:url: use the canonical URL set for the page

      og:description: allow for filling it independently or reuse the description filled in HTML title

      og:locale : each localized page will fill the corresponding locale. The format is es_ES

      og:locale:alternate : An array of other locales this page is available in.

      og:site_name : add the site name


      As a content creator I want to see a preview of what the OpenGraph information will look like in Facebook, Slack, etc

      • Allow developers to contribute with previews for other applications.


      For blogs/individual web content:


      og:type values:

      article - Namespace URI:

      • article:published_time  datetime  When the article was first published.
      • article:modified_time  datetime  When the article was last changed.
      • article:expiration_time  datetime  When the article is out of date after.
      • article:author  profile array  Writers of the article.
      • article:section  string  A high-level section name. E.g. Technology
      • article:tag  string array  Tag words associated with this article.

      Open points 

      Add the Twitter cards special meta tags:


      Allow to include custom meta tags:


      *enable/disable open graph support at site/system level (disable by default)

      • Enter new tags for:
      • Title
      • Image
      • Url -> fill it with the selected canonical URL
      • Description
      • Locale: fill it with the corresponding locale
      • Locale:alternate: fill it with the hreflangs
      • Site_name: fill it with the site name
      • For title and description, allow to reuse the tags already set for the page or customize.
      • Google SERP preview tool
      • Include custom meta tags:
      • Set the tag name
      • Set the tag value




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