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Journal Article images are not transfered when using the jsonws / add-article method



      When /journalarticle/add-article JSON web service is called with images included, the portal will be unable to deserialize the images correctly, the image will not appear in the article.
      A similar issue was reported earlier: LPS-54107 but this time, the image files are not even showing up in the documents and media folder.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a web content structure (with an image field) and a template.
      2. Note down the ddmstuctureKey and ddmtemplateKey.
      ( I used these queries:
      SELECT templateKey FROM Your_DB_Name.DDMTemplate where userName like "Test Test";
      SELECT structureKey FROM Your_DB_Name.DDMStructure where userName like "Test Test";
      3. Replace the values in App.java with your values.
      4. Run the app (Right Click on App.java and choose Run as Java Application)

      Actual behavior:
      When checking the created web content, the image doesn't appear.
      (using the UI: api/jsonws page won't work either)
      There are no errors or warnings in the console log.

      Expected behavior:
      When checking the created web content, the image appears as intended.

      There was an important change in LPS-66865:
      Journal Images use PortletFileRepository API
      and the LPS-67119 deprecated the methods that were used in LR 6.2 to handle the images in journal articles.


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