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Internal Server Error thrown due to orphan portlet



      Description of the issue.

      I have Liferay 6.2 setup with Document and Media having a few documents and Most viewed assets portlet. After upgrading this environment to Liferay DXP, whenever I click on the asset link from Most viewed assets portlet, it redirects to the page where the asset is present and gives an error stating "Internal Server error" along with Url & message as "An error occurred while accessing the requested resource".

      However, after deleting the Orphan Portlets present on that page, I am able to access the same asset.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1) Create a theme with an embedded DM portlet (portletId = 20) in Liferay 6.2.
      2) Deploy this theme.
      3) Visit the page configured with that theme and check that the embedded DM portlet is available.
      4) Add a few documents in it.
      5) Add Most viewed assets Portlet.
      6) Click on the asset from Most viewed assets Portlet, you will be able to access the asset.
      7) Upgrade to 7.0
      8) In DXP 7.0, create a document in DM portlet.
      9) Goto Configuration of Most Viewed Asset Portlet-> Display Settings-> set the Asset Link Behavior as 'View In Context' option
      10) Click on the detail of the document displayed in the Most viewed assets portlet.

      Actual Result: An Internal Server Error is thrown (For reference Error.png). When I delete the orphan portlet generated by Going to Server Administration-> Navigation->click on Configure Page for the page-> On the Right Corner click on the top ellipse > Orphan Portlets> A list of Orphan portlet is displayed and delete the document and media related orphan portlet. After deletion this orphan portlet, I am able to access the same file.

      Expected Result: The document should be accessed without deleting the orphan portlet.

      Please Note:
      1. The above issue is reproduced when the Asset Link Behavior is set as 'View In Context' option. When the Asset Link Behavior is selected as 'Show Full Content' option, the issue is not reproduced and I am able to access the same file without deletion of the orphan portlet.

      I have tested the reported behaviour on
      *1) 7.0.x a9485a3d9e719786a9d8df8979288151f6437a2c
      2) Master-> Issue Reproduced -> Commit: 36a75fcae966182acf9988b97dd8069d75fa8b0 (Refer reproducedonmaster.gif)


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