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Add support for defining an approval workflow for Content Pages



      As an administrator, I want to be able to define an approval workflow for pages, so that when a page author creates a new page or edits a new page and wants to publish it, it goes through the defined workflow to get final approval before it's made available to end users.


      Content Pages may contain inline content which doesn't go through the approval workflow that may have been defined for web content. This provides agility to marketers and other content authors who can create and edit the content exactly where it's going to be displayed. However  in some cases it is desirable to have a review process in place for inline content as well.

      In addition to this, in some scenarios an approval workflow for any change to a page is also desired.

      This Feature:

      In this Story, we aim to add support for approval workflow for content pages. This support will be provided through the same mechanism that approval workflow for Web Content is provided. That is, it will be possible to upload a workflow definition and associate it to Content Pages. When there is an approval workflow enabled, instead of a "Publish" button, page authors will be presented with a "Submit for publication" button. The page will then stay in a "Pending" status until approved or rejected. While it's in this status only reviewers can make changes to the page. In the pages administration application, a label should be shown informing the administrators that a page is in "Pending" status (similar to the current "Draft" status).

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • Given a workflow definition has been set for Content pages and a new content page, when editing the page, then the label of the button to publish the page is "Submit for publication" and clicking it starts the publication process, leaving the page in "Pending" status
      • Given  a workflow definition has been set for Content pages and a content page in "Pending" status, when administering pages, then a visible label must be shown so that the administrators are aware of the status and know that the page cannot be modified and the reviewer can now edit the page and the original author should not be able to edit the page (assuming he's not also a reviewer)

      Features that don't need to be implemented (yet)

      • Approval workflow support for widget pages or other type of page.
      • Support for several different approval workflow definitions for different parts of the hierarchy of pages

      Test scenarios

      Test Scenarios Test Strategy Kind of test Is it covered by FrontEnd ? (JS-Unit) Is it covered by BackEnd ? (unit or integration)
      Can set site scoped Single Approver workflow for existing content pages and future ones Smoke Manual No Yes
      Can set virtual instance scoped Single Approver workflow for existing content pages and future ones Sanity Manual No Yes
      The page author can not edit again after submit but can preview the modify Smoke Manual No No
      The reviewer can edit the content page and preview the modify after submit Smoke Manual No No
      Assert the modify won't be shown in content page for guests until approve Sanity Manual No No
      The page author can edit content page after reject or approve Sanity Manual No No


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